High Quality Collaboration Gases

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Equipment Calibration Gases

calibration-gas-for-test-equipmentSpecGas Inc. manufactures calibration gases used to establish the accuracy of your measuring and testing equipment. Gas Chromatography instruments for example require custom gas mixtures for calibration. Hazardous gases can be a serious danger in the workplace and many organizations have installed fixed gas detectors as well as portable handheld gas detectors to ensure a safe working environment. We blend the calibration gas made specificity for testing your detectors. It is important that the measurement or monitoring devices you use are accurate at all times and that you can rely on their ability to detect harmful gases.

calibration-gas-chromatography-equipmentWe can provide your company with custom specialty gas mixtures for a wide variety of applications including: university labs, private laboratory settings, research environments, manufacturing applications that include petrochemical processing, process controls in manufacturing, and several applications within the electronics industry. We offer a full line of refillable aluminum and steel cylinders, as well as disposable aluminum and steel cylinders with net gas volumes from 17 liters to 250 FT3. Blend tolerances and analytical accuracies are determined by component and concentrations, but can be adapted to customer requirements whenever possible.