High Quality Collaboration Gases

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High Quality Calibration Gases Guaranteed

SpecGas Inc is committed to providing the best value in terms of up-to-date product line, technical information, product specifications and safety standards. Our commitment to the customer is guaranteed reliability, responsiveness and continually improving customer satisfaction. A standard of excellence in all aspects of specialty gases and equipment and total commitment by every SpecGas Inc employee is an absolute, which is unequalled in our industry. If a customer, or a customers end user receives a mixture and for whatever reason feel SpecGas Inc.’s stated results are in dispute, SpecGas will immediately remake and re-ship a replacement mixture. The mixture in question will be returned to SpecGas for re-analysis and further investigation. After re-analysis by SpecGas is completed the customer will be contacted. At this time the customer will be presented with the SpecGas findings. A resolution concerning the customers issues with the mixture will be discussed, including possible analytical inconsistencies that might have occurred.

SpecGas Inc.


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